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Do you want a method of how to buy a domain or domain from Namecheap and don't know how to do it?

In this topic, I will explain to you how to buy a domain by step by step in an easy and clear way with pictures.

Namecheap is distinguished by a lower price than Godaddy, and this is what distinguishes it from other companies that register domains in the world.

Domain name price

.Com domain only has $ 9 per year, and this price is fixed throughout the year, which means renewal at the same price, and this is great, but sometimes it is a renewal at $ 12.98, depending on the domain, the price is not high compared to Godaddy.

As for the rest of the famous types, here are the prices:

  • .net The first year domain is done at a price of 11.98, renewed at a price of $ 14.98

  • .org domain name is renewed at $ 11.98, renewed at $ 14.98

  • .info domain is priced at 3.88, renewed at $ 14.98

  • .us domain is priced at 3.88, renewed at $ 10.48

  • As for anyone who wants to reserve a Saudi domain name .sa, it does not contain this type.

  • If you want to buy hosting and domains together, you can take advantage of a discount on domains and buy two for a very cheap price here

    Types of tld

    It contains different types of tld. You can reserve domain .com ,  .net .org .edu .au .info .pizza .biz .email .co.uk, and many of them are the types of n tld for the domain name.

    Supported languages

    And according to the language that you can use in the domain, it supports Arabic and English and many used languages, and this feature was recently added to the NameShip December December 2019 site.

    It means that a company develops every time and makes offers on domains and hosting if you want to buy and connect with the Blogger platform.

    Domains Control Panel

    One of the advantages of the control panel in my domain name is easy to use for beginners in terms of controlling dns and also nameserver servers in the case of adding hosting or ssl protection certificate.

    Features of Domain Namecheap

    The new feature that was recently added to the Namecheap domains is a free cdn feature that makes your site lightning fast and very fast, no matter the visitor in the world. Where it is considered a mercy bullet to Godade company.

    Steps to buy a domain

    Step 1: First, you should go to the link

    1. Then a page will appear through which the domains are searched for. Just type your domain

    2. Then click on the “search” button as it appears in the image.

    Domain search page
    Domain search page

    Step 2:  Then a page will appear that will search for the availability of that domain you are looking for. If available, a green dash will appear for you.

    1. As you look here, shows your annual domain price

    2. Then click on the "add to cart" button to add the domain to your shopping cart.

    3. Then press the "view cart" button to continue your domain purchase.

    Domain price and Name Ship cart
    Domain price and Namecheap cart

    Step 3: You will be taken to the Confirmation of Payment step

    1. As you look, it shows how many years you want to reserve your domain

    2. Enjoy WhoisGuard  for free for an unlimited period to protect the privacy of the owner of the domain and the non-disclosure of your information

    3. To confirm the payment and continue to purchase the domain, just click on the “confirm order” button

    Confirm complete payment
    Confirm complete payment

    Step 4: You will be directed to the login page or create an account. If you do not have an account, just enter your information
    Register an account or log in
    Register an account or log in

    Payment method

    Step 5: You will go to the payment method selection page, which supports many payment methods, including Paypal, Master Card and Visa Card.

    Also, buy via account balance. Namecheap Choose the payment method and fill out the private information and address on the card.

    1. Then click on the "Continue" button.

    Choose a method of payment and purchase a domain
    Choose a method of payment and purchase a domain

    Step 6:
     This last step, which is the completion of the payment process, in which the aesthetic evening that you pay appears. I chose, and the method of payment is Paypal. Just click on the Paypal icon, as shown in the red arrow.
    The last step to complete the payment
    The last step to complete the payment

    You will be directed to the Paypal login page, just enter your Paypal email and password and complete the payment process.

    After completing, they will send you an e-mail containing the purchase information that you have made, and you will see in your account your Namecheap domain.
    Domain Control Panel
    Domain Control Panel

    This means that the domain was successfully purchased from Namecheap.

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